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“You are water
I’m water
we’re all water in different containers
that’s why it’s so easy to meet
someday we’ll evaporate together.” 
― Yoko Ono


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Self Reflection journeys at sea to still the mind and find serenity within 

Finding Serenity Travel Guide

The Finding Serenity Travel Guide will help you prepare for your journey at Sea. Traveling to a foreign land can be stressful so we want to help take away that stress and transform it into an exciting adventure of discovery. 

Welcome Aboard!

Finding serenity September 30-October 7th ionian islands - Greece

The must know

Athens International Airport - Eleftherios Venizelous. Airport code ATH is your destination. When booking your flight ensure that you have a booking code of ATH. 

A second flight either same day or next day will be required. Embarkation will occur in Lefkada, Greece. 

Aktion National Airport (PVK) serves Preveza and the nearby town of Lefkada. In fact, it’s often referred to as Lefkada Airport.

Recommended Early Arrival - Long Haul flying can be tough on the body. We recommend flying two days prior to your embarkation date as you will lose one day in flying. 

Upon Arrival to Athens - Upon arrival to Athens International Airport, you will be met by a Blue Life driver that will take you to your hotel. Driver will be waiting for you directly outside of baggage claim, inside of the terminal. The driver will be carrying either your name or an ENDLESS BLUE/Blue Life sign.

Embarkation Time - You are all set to embark on the 30th September  5:00pm. A complimentary transfer is scheduled for departure to the yacht at 4:30pm from the event hotel or airport depending on your pre-journey arrangements. 

Currency - Greece has the Euro currency. It is highly recommended that you arrive with Euros. Your bank may provide you Euros for your travel. Wells Fargo has a currency service that is fast and efficient. Alternatively a currency kiosk at participating airports and/or shopping malls. 

Electricity - The standard electricity is 220v and will require a (2) round prong adapter

Welcome Aboard!  - A Week at a Glance will be provided to give you a snapshot of the activity flow we have in store for you! Remember the Sea will lead the flow in conjunction with the sea of emotions. This is not a conference or a rigid week. It is a week of exploration, release and rejuvenation. And as water can flow through whatever obstacle is set before it, even rock - we too will flow through any resistance that may surface during our journey.   


Where to stay 

Recommended Event Hotel - In your Welcome letter you were provided with the information for our  recommended hotels including suggested pre-arrival times and suggested departure dates.   

Athens Hotels -  If you are not participating in the suggested pre/post Blue Life program activities on land and decide to venture on your own to Athens - please contact Daisy Patrick at Tamalpais Travel at (415) 945-6213 or for further assistance.

Pre/Post Program Hotels Nafplion - Our pre and post program activities will be held in the beautiful city of Nafplion. Nafplion is the original capital of Greece and the location of the first democratic governance of the country after the revolution re-establishing Greece as a free country from Turkish occupation. The beginning of the revolution that began by sea was led by a female Admiral Laskarina Bouboulina. 



What to do in athens

Photo Credit  Tony Rappa

Photo Credit Tony Rappa

Acropolis Museum 

The Acropolis Museum was designed by the Swiss-American architect Bernard Tschumi in collaboration with the Gree architect Michalis Fotiadis. The building itself is a piece of art let alone the over 4,000 pieces of artifacts on display all from the impressive Acropolis.

National Archeological Museum -

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is the largest archaeological museum in Greece and one of the most important museums in the world devoted to ancient Greek art.

It was founded at the end of the 19th century to house and protect antiquities from all over Greece, thus displaying their historical, cultural and artistic value.

Syndagma - Syndagma square or constitution square is the main Metro stop for down town Athens. Here often the center of many political movements and protests but also home to the beautiful Evzones. They are the Presidential Guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier. They are equivalent to the Guards of Buckingham Palace and a must photo opportunity. 


Plaka The oldest part of the center of the city. Plaka gives you an opportunity to go back in time. With neoclassical architecture, wonderfully decorated tavernas, coffee shops and more. While in Plaka you can almost forget that you are in a huge Metropolis. The roads are cobblestone and for a great portion of the area, it is off limits to cars making it an extremely pleasant area to walk around, have a glass a wine or that famous Greek Salad!

Monastiraki - A trendy area filled with little shops. If you are on the search for Greek mementoes for friends and family back home, this is the place!

Kolonaki - If you are looking for high end shopping then get yourself to Kolonaki square. The entire area is filled with high end European designer shops and an endless array of hip hopping coffee shops. 

Ermou Street - Another shop to drop opportunity with more reasonable prices. Ermou focuses on Greek manufacturers and stores, as well as Italian. Here you can find beautiful jewelry, clothing, shoes, handbags and more made locally.  

Lycabettus Hill - If you are up for a long vertical walk to get over jet lag, Lycabettus Hill is well worth the walk as you are rewarded by spectacular views of the city. 


Need to Know

I take special medication what happens if i lose my medication?

Bring all necessary medication. It is recommended that you ask from a crew member to place your medications in the refrigerator should refrigeration be required. Have the active ingredient of all your necessary medication. In the event that you lose your medication or run out, you can often obtain medication from a local Pharmacy in Greece provided that you have the active ingredient and not just the brand name of your medication. The medication will more than likely be a generic brand but seeing a doctor will NOT be necessary to obtain a prescription. Most pharmacists in GREECE speak English. 

What do I pack for sailing?

Comfort is the key ingredient. Bring comfortable clothing, walking shoes, hat,sunglasses and your favorite sunblock. The bright sun, white yacht and cool breeze is a definite combination to get sunburnt without even feeling it.  You will want to have with you a light sweater or windbreaker for the evenings. No matter how hot it is during the day, being out on the water will always bring a cool evening breeze.  Don’t forget while on board there is a NO SHOES policy - so if you don’t like being without shoes, bring a pair of non-used slippers for internal use only. 


How can I prevent seasickness?

Staying hydrated is key to warding off seasickness so drink lots of water! Remember we are made of 2/3 water so our body will naturally adjust to the movement if you are well hydrated. Your Blue Life Navigators will have natural peppermint oil that works well with nausea, lavender to relax and we will be serving lots of ginger tea that works wonders. Ginger gum also works well so pick up a pack before you leave, as well as acupuncture bracelets. 

Should you feel any seasickness on board contact one of your Blue Life Navigators immediately. We’ve got some cool techniques from the sea to help you on your journey!

What if I start crying?

Every emotion is welcomed - it is part of the necessary release to find serenity. Remember crying is nothing more than your internal sea of emotions wanting to return to where they began.

Remember you will experience lots of laughing too - hopefully to the point of tears!

where will you be

Embarkation - Lefkada, Greece

Island Cluster to be visited - The Ionian Islands

Lefada - Famous for its beaches, Onassis private island Skorpios

Kefalonia - Stunning waters,  quaint villages, mountainside and fun locals

Ithaka - Land of Odyssey, Homer

Zakinthos- Famous for its Blue Caves, Karetta Karetta Turtles, Ship wreck and crystal waters (subject to weather)

Disembarkation  - Lefkada

Frequently asked Questions

Can I add other components to my finding serenity program?
Yes, you can extend your stay which is not part of your package price but we will assist you with any questions you may have.
Will I be picked up at the airport?
Yes, there is a complimentary airport pick up if you provide your flight information and hotel stay prior to your journey. A driver will be waiting for you directly outside of  baggage claim but inside of the airport terminal. They will carry a sign with BLUE LIFE and/or your name. 
Will the itinerary change?
Yes, the itinerary is subject to the weather conditions. Your Blue Navigators along with the Captain will change the island destinations and program activities for your safety and comfort. 
Can you accommodate for special dietary requirements?
Yes, upon completion of your Food & Beverage profile, we will review any special dietary requirements you may have and the Chef will plan accordingly. 
Does the crew speak english?
Yes the crew is multi-lingual and English is widely spoken. 
What is the on board voltage?
220v is the on board voltage and you will require a two prong round pin adapters for your phones, cameras and other electronic devices. Be sure to also bring a 12v car charger for a back up charging device. 

How safe is traveling by private sail boat?

Extremely safe! both crew members have extensive experience on the sailing boat. You and your crew have full back-up land support, as well as, your Blue Life Navigators who are with you throughout your journey. 

Are there hair dryers on board?

Yes, there are hair dryers for your use but the wind will be your natural hair dryer. 

Can I bring my flat iron or curling iron?

No - curling irons and flat irons are not allowed on board for safety reasons. 

What kind of luggage should I use?

It is highly recommended that you bring soft-sided luggage for your trip as space is limited. 

Should I completely unpack once I am on board?

Yes it is recommended that you unpack completely and provide to your crew any medication that requires refrigeration. 

Can we assist in operating the yacht?

Yes of course! it’s part of your experience. Operation of your sailing yacht is restricted to during sailing training by your Captain. He will advise of appropriate times for your hands on sailing experience. 

Can we do any shore excursions?

Yes Of course!  We have a couple of pre planned shore excursions but you are welcome to add on other activity. Your captain and crew can assist you with shore excursions and rates.  Shore excursions are paid directly to the local provider or your Captain can arrange it for you.

Is there Wifi on board?

Yes there is wifi for the use of checking your email only. It is not for video or music streaming. Most islands and island coffee shops have have free wifi.   

What kind of entertainment equipment does the yacht have?

Your sailing yacht has a TV in the saloon area, stereo, DVD/CD players, iPod jack, as well as, state-of-the-art navigational equipment, sea-to-shore communication capabilities, WiFi internet, and more.


Are there any water sport equipment on board?
Yes there is a wide range of sea toys that are part of your Water Immersion and Water Play sessions. 
Can I throw my toilet paper in the toilet?
No, nothing is to be thrown in your toilet. You are provided with a waste paper basket that is cleaned for you daily. Throwing papers in your toilet will damage your bathroom. Any damage to the vessel due to negligence will require compensation and it is the responsibility of the participant.  
What kind of entertainment equipment does the yacht have?
Your sailing yacht has a TV in the saloon area, stereo, DVD/CD players, iPod jack, as well as, state-of-the-art navigational equipment, sea-to-shore communication capabilities, WiFi internet, and more.
How do I get to my yacht?
Your Blue Life team has arranged a transfer to the yacht directly after the Pre-Program activities. We will be leaving in the morning for transfer to the yacht for embarkation.
What is the typical embarkation experience?
You will be met by your Blue Navigators and your crew on board at embarkation.  Luggage is immediately whisked onboard while you have a Captain’s Safety de-briefing followed by your “Welcome aboard” cocktails and your crew prepares to set sail!

Will I have free time to shop?

Yes, part of your island exploration and reflection time you are free to do whatever you like including shop to you drop!

Do I have to participate in the on board activities?

No you are not required to participate in any of the on board activities. However, we have created a program to facilitate release to achieve internal serenity. You are not however required to participate in any of the organized activities. Remember you are the Captains of your personal self reflection experience and we are your Navigators. We have designed a program in which we believe best facilitates the release process but as a Captain - you and only you can make that decision on what is best for you. 

Can I leave earlier from the yacht?

Yes, but there is no refund provided for early departure. 

Is there on board laundry service?

While there is an on board washing machine, it is reserved for the cleaning of your towels and sheets. Your crew can arrange any washing requirements you may have with a local provider. 

Do I get my own sheets?

Yes while you are sharing accommodations in a Queen bed, the mattress is divided into two twins and each will have their own sheets.  

Is there heating and air-conditioning on board the yacht?

Yes both air-conditioning and heating are available on board and will be used accordingly. 

How will I stay connected to my friends and family back home?

Your cell service will work throughout the Greek Islands. Whilewhen in private coves, cell phone coverage may be more sporadic.  AT&T has better international alliances with local cell phone carriers. As WiFi may be infrequent, it is recommended to purchase data packages prior to your departure from the U.S. The yacht offers WiFi throughout however only whereconnection is available.