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“You are water
I’m water
we’re all water in different containers
that’s why it’s so easy to meet
someday we’ll evaporate together.” 
― Yoko Ono


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Self Reflection journeys at sea to still the mind and find serenity within 


Charting Your Course


Navigational waypoints through ancient wisdoms

The program has been designed around the basic principals of Hippocrates that an integrative approach of all modalities is required for the well being of an individual. And the life lessons and understanding of Self from Homer's Epic Tale of Odysseus' Journey to Ithaca. 

Hippocrates believed that a healthy Mind produces a Healthy Body and that a Healthy Body provides for a Healthy Mind. The two are connected as one and therefore all parts of the human must be addressed to determine the root of the dis-ease.

Odysseus journey home (Ithaca) is what psychologist Carl Jung calls the journey of Individuation, the arduous journey to "divest the self of fall wrappings". The journey is necessary to reveal one's True Self  and fulfill his or her's particular calling. Understanding why we respond to various situations in the way that we do is the beginning point on your map and your first setting course on your compass to find your way to your Ithaca.

"Ithaca (Home) is where you can see past appearances, past roles or titles, past your fears. ", Michael Goldberg - Travels with Odysseus. 


We have therefore designed a program with the following navigational way points to chart the course to your personal Ithaca and along the way  day by day becoming more connected to Self - Healthy Mind-Healthy Body; The "agenda" for those of you who require more structure is below. Each day we will have two of the waypoints combined with Island Exploration, Cultural Immersion and of course Food & Wine. Your days begin at 8:00am and end with your evening Meditation (Yoga Nedra) to prepare you for a blissful sleep. The agenda is organic and changes with external weather conditions, as well as, internal emotional balances. 

Water Immersion & Water Play, Aroma Yoga/Meditation, Creative Expression (art, dance, music), Island Exploration, Wine & Wisdom, Reflection Time, Food for the Soul and of course a transformational program would not be complete without a dose of Fate and Destiny.  

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Water Immersion/water play & Release

Neuroscience is finally catching up to what sailors have always known that the sea has an innate ability to calm the mind and the soul. It's energy, it's frequency and its elemental make up are all consistent with the human body. Our internal storms often reflect those found in Nature. Our tears with a similar consistency with the Ocean and our internal make up of 70% water with almost identical coverage of water on Mother Earth. We are connected.

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Reflection time - getting to know self & understanding others

The Enneagram is a powerful gateway to self-awareness and understanding of others.  It describes the structure and dynamics of nine personality types, opening a path to a more integrated and rewarding life. Stemming from the Greek word ennui (nine) and grammos (a written symbol), the nine-pointed Enneagram symbol represents nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others and the world.  Each Enneagram type has a different pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that arises from a deeper inner motivation or worldview. While we are all unique, we share common experiences.  As a tool for persona and collective transformation, the Enneagram fosters greater understanding through a universal language that transcends gender, religion, nationality and culture.

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cultivating Mindfulness 

Cultivating Mindfulness is an art with an underlying science that requires an understanding of how your internal systems work, how the mind works before you can truly achieve daily mindfulness. Believing that you will sit down and clear your thoughts and you have achieved mindfulness is a myth. Your thought (s) is your subconscious trying to speak to you with however it can get your attention. Similar to a child that demands recognition to settle down, your mind is much the same. On your journey you will learn techniques on how to cultivate mindfulness - to say to your internal child demanding attention "I hear you" and developing the ability to give it the amount of attention that it is worthy of  having from your time. 

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Creative expression

Creatively expressing oneself through art, music or dance are all ways to let the soul free from its vessel. A form of artistic meditation. It's not important what you paint what is key is to look at a blank canvas and make your first stroke - the rest will follow. There will be plenty of opportunities on the journey to become inspired by nature, moved by the sea and clarity that you will discover there is an artist inside of all of us. 

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Wine & Wisdom

Our Wine & Wisdom part of the journey is an opportunity to share your truths, to unfold false wrappings, to share experiences from each individual's life journey to ultimately discover that we are more similar than different. If you don't feel like sharing and want to just drink the wine that's perfectly ok! We will plot course as Navigators and you will decide when you wish to enter the journey.