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“You are water
I’m water
we’re all water in different containers
that’s why it’s so easy to meet
someday we’ll evaporate together.” 
― Yoko Ono


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Self Reflection journeys at sea to still the mind and find serenity within 


Just Breathe

Our Just Breathe Journeys are day programs designed to reconnect to nature and our breath. Our breath is such a critical part to our very existence and yet we overlook its importance to our overall mental and physical health. Our Just Breathe - Hiking journeys are designed to focus on the breath, while connecting with nature and ultimately reaching your water destination. On your journey you will be gently guided to reflect internally and focus on your breath work.

Just Breathe

Our Just Breathe Day Journeys focus on you guessed it! - Your Breath. Our journeys reconnect you with nature in the hills of Northern California. The day journeys allow you to take a little break, to reflect, to soften the internal dialog, to direct Love and compassion to yourself. Our hour+ long hikes have a water destination and are designed to support a state of relaxation and internal serenity. Nature does the hard work for us by enhancing a state of mindfulness and helping us understand that we are all interconnected. This unique combination of mountains, trees, water and conversation with our Blue Life Navigator, Anneli Collins, work harmoniously to achieve - Presence. With practice, you will soon begin to find opportunities throughout the day for mini-breath breaks keeping the mind in a state of calm  becoming less reactive to everyday stressors. 

Anneli and Kevin Collins

Anneli and Kevin Collins

Hiking has always been more than exercise for me.  Walking through the Redwoods and Manzanitas, climbing up ravines to vistas of hidden lakes, babbling creeks, the ocean or bay have given me that precious time to release, reflect and think creatively.  My mind shuts down, my breathing takes over and I begin my walking meditation.  Sometimes, I start my hike with an intention to figure out an issue, a conflict I’m having, a problem I need to solve, words I’m looking for to finish a story I’m writing.  I remember a few years ago, my direct reports at work had given me some tough feedback that completely set me off balance and triggered my Ego.  I hiked the whole weekend for hours trying to work out my feelings and how I was going to respond.  I must have covered over 30 miles of Mount Tam before I settled in by reframing the feedback as an opportunity to learn and discover something new about myself.  I turned my anger into gratitude.  Their feedback was giving me the opportunity to understand the impact I had on others which at times can come across as too assertive.  It was shutting communication down and not allowing for other perspectives. I use hiking in my coaching practice.   What a better way to have a conversation while walking and breathing.

Walking in nature gives you the time to pause and to reflect instead of reacting quickly, taking the time to think slowly, to look out at the scenery, to gaze at the water, to watch the hawks circle above you.
— Anneli Collins
view of the Pacific Ocean

Program content

One hour (1) guided hiking meditation by our Blue Life Navigator Anneli Collins

Essential oils to clear your breathing pathways

Breathing Techniques to enhance awareness

Educational discussion and navigation on where and how to further advance your  knowledge and understanding of the powerful effects of hiking mindfulness.   

What to Bring

  • Good Walking Shoes

  • Water

  • Some snacks

  • A Hat

or whatever you need to keep you comfortable!

Anneli hiking with her rock - Kevin

Anneli hiking with her rock - Kevin

Point Reyes Trail


The hikes are easy to moderate and will cover Mt Tam, the Headlands and Point Reyes Station.  Each hike will have a water destination, lake, creek, waterfall, ocean or bay.  

I will post the location a week in advance. Hikes are Saturday or Sunday and mid-week if possible.


There is no fee or payment required but we do ask for a Kindness Donation. At the end of each month we will pull a name from the registered attendees and ask you where you want the collected Kindness Donation to go to. It can be a Charity of Choice or even a friend that may be in need of a little pick me up, a gentle act of collective kindness - just to let them know it’s going to be alright.



Find out more about Anneli

You can find Anneli walking the hills of Mt. Tam when she isn’t Executive Coaching her clients or Navigating one of our on the water Blue Life Journeys in Greece.

Anneli is passionate about knowledge. She is curious about how our internal dialog triggers our emotions and where our biases originated from.